The House On Mango Street Coming Of Age Analysis

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pDevin Glover Mrs. Tzarri English II 9 January 2016 The House On Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros is a novel that Presents the life and struggles of a adolescent girl named Esperanza Cordero in Chicago during the 1970’s. Esperanza Cordero,is a young latina girl growing up on Mango Street in Chicago in the 1970’s. And she goes through a great ordeal of hardships from youth to even when she is a young adult.And Despite the fact that Esperanza wants to keep her innocence/childhood she has a coming of age experience full of letdowns and scarring moments. Childhood is a valuable but mostly overlooked part of life, consisting of learning( ABC’s,Math, Life Lessons) and irreproachability(innocence). Esperanza wants to keep her innocence/…show more content…
But since she is getting older, she has started coming of age. And Coming of age is not something that happens quickly it is a gradual experience that happens overtime.Esperanza’s coming of age experience is full of misunderstandings, letdowns, and scaring moments, Thus making it the worst and most confusing part of her life. For instance when she and a group of girls were talking about their hips and about how they are going to be coming in soon.The hips are a symbol of them becoming women. But Nenny does not seem to care as much as esperanza and all the other girls do. “Nenny, I say, but she doesn’t hear me….”[Cisneros 52]. The girls are talking about their hips and Nenny lack of interest shows how much younger/ less mature she is than everybody else.So when Esperanza says “ she doesn’t hear me….” it is not because she physically can not hear them it because she does not know what is going on and because of that she does not care. And Esperanza and the girls are so much more older than nenny and there maturing. And all they care about is their bodies and Nenny is focused on being a kid still. Also, since Esperanza feel as though she is grown up, she starts making decision on her own, and she starts having these urges/feelings. Like what it would be like to have a boyfriend and etc. So one day Esperanza goes to a carnival with Sally and while there they run into some boys.Sally left with one boy and left esperanza with the rest. And while sally was gone. The rest of the boys forcefully kissed and raped esperanza.And when she saw sally again she broke down and said “ Sally, you lied, it wasn’t what you said at all….”[Cisneros 99].Esperanza was forced into having sex and when she finds sally she loses composure and let’s all her feelings out. This quote shows that even though Esperanza is maturing she is still a kid inside because she says “The way they said it, the way it's supposed to be,
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