The House On Mango Street Quote Analysis

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Sandra Cisneros, author of the 1984 novel "The House on Mango Street", attempts to express her soul-searching concerns, including those about the power possessed by one whom musters the courage to speak up in the face of injustice, through her beliefs and her personal human characteristics. Often, the power to speak up is one which is applauded in the highest regard, as it may control the path of an individual's life or their development of a persona. Cisneros herself states that she "[continues to] try to be honest about what I say and to speak rather than be silent, especially if it means I can save lives, or serve humanity", showing her determined nature in order to prevent those who have been silenced by the onslaught of others or their…show more content…
When asked what she writes about and where she draws the tremendous amount of inspiration required to write on such a creative level, Cisneros says, "I would have to say I write about the ghosts inside that haunt me, that will not let me sleep, of that which even memory does not like to mention", showing a synonymous concern with the previous one of not being a able to speak up (Cisneros Quotes 1). This quote relates to inability to have taken a different path, to have fixed one's mistakes, and to have, most importantly in the case of Cisneros, spoken up for others, haunts the author. When it is stated that Cisneros' concerns involve not speaking up, this can be interpreted in a nonliteral form to symbolize the mistake of not branching off from one's supposed path due to "destiny" because of that individual's belief that they should "play it safe". Cisneros writes about this injustice in her literary masterpeices, most directly related to the struggles of those who chose or were given a path of poverty and do not possess anyone that is willing to speak up for the injustice that they are constantly facing. Sandra Cisneros personifies and beautifully expresses her concerns, which involve, in the most general form, an inability to cause change in one's own life or the lives of
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