The House On Mango Street Women Essay

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In The House on Mango Street it's describes the problems that latinos and/or women face in a society that thinks of them as lower ranking. They are faced with having to be second to men, and cared for what they look like. In the novel she shows us several ways that women are lower ranked. This makes the most apparent theme, in my opinion, the inequality of women. The book relates several times back to the thought of the mid 50’s where women are thought of as objects. This is shown in the text”she looked in the window, the way so many women sit their sadness on a elbow.”(pg. 11) The girls in the novel grew up with the idea that looks and appearances are more important than other things. It is shown several times that even with the society pressing…show more content…
The women go off and marry so they can be free from their parents, but not necessarily free from their husbands. Alicia in Alicia Who Sees Mice dreams of a life not behind a rolling pin that doesn't involve a factory. Alicia with no mother was pushed into the mother scene very young and she simply fears her father as she says on page 31. Yet there is a tone that seems to reveal that this hopeful life isn't as likely as she hopes, but she wouldn't want to live any other way. Sally also shows these same trends of being forced to be a caregiver. It says on page 101 sally even gets less than that “Looking out the window is the last hope and pleasure of many of the trapped women of Mango Street, but Sally’s husband denies her even that.” The book The House on Mango Street is used in my opinion to show the impact of others around you, the impact of men on women just seems the most apparent. It shows how others before you can make you live life with such narrow vision, such little possible imagination, especially when you don't know what to imagine. Esperanza is different, that is how the author needed it, to show us that people can be different, that change is
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