Pollution Of Man And The Environment Essay

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The human homeland is a thin environment between earth and sky, where all parts of earth interact to provide a life sustaining environment. The climate system includes interactions between the hydrosphere, atmosphere, biosphere, cryosphere, and lithosphere. The plate tectonic system contains interactions surrounded by the deep mantle, lithosphere, and asthenosphere. And the geodynamo system involves interactions among the inner and outer cores. It is interesting to note that modern humans have been around for a very elongated time and lived for much of it without causing much irreversible damage to the atmosphere. However, over utilization and pollution has started affecting the environment harmfully over the last few centuries.
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Unfortunately, the most polluting species are humans. The planet is very good at reprocessing waste, but humans are producing more than how can the earth manage with. Pollution does not affect the planet only; it affects all sorts, including humans. Moreover, pollution happens at unlike levels.

2.1. Soil contamination

Occurrence of man-made actions is the main reason for soil pollution. The waste products which are coming from anthropologic are made of chemicals that are not originating from the environment which will finally lead to soil pollution. Manufacturing activities is one of the reasons for soil pollution, chemicals used in farming and incorrect removal of waste.
Straight and unintended interaction with polluted soil leads to health risks. Furthermore, it causes huge conflicts in the environment balance and the health of the organisms is under risk.
Soil pollution causes some serious problems. For example:
• The soil fertility reduction.
• Damage of the normal nutrients of the soil.
• Inequity in the fauna and flora of the soil.
• Increase in salt amount in the soil which makes it unfit for farming.
• Crops which grew on pollute soil cause health

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