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The Eiffel tower, one of the biggest tourist attractions not only in Paris but all over the world, is about 20 minutes away from my house. For that reason, I frequently visit the place either intentionally or accidentally. There is a vast park area called ... "Champs de mars" surround the Eiffel tower where people can take a walk, go on picnic or do jogging. I used to stop over there with friends to have a petite picnic in the middle of the city. Every single time I pass by around the Eiffel tower, it is crammed with people from every portion of the world. It is hard to believe that, once upon a past, each and every people in Paris hated the Eiffel tower so much. The tower was seen as too tall, too modern, and too eccentric than the others(epistrophe).…show more content…
Taking pictures, in 21century with those new technology stuffs called 'Social Networking Sites ', is more than just for one 's records or an memory; rather, it is more to make a display or to show off(metanoia). It is totally an human thing to parade themselves and be proud of it. They feel the ascendency over the other people by doing the exposure of their source of pride. I love the park Champ de mars, but I don 't find Eiffel tower as a beautiful sight. Eiffel tower itself looks like a tower whose work has not yet finished excluding the skeleton part. Since it was originally made for temporary building-- by temporary I mean 20 years-- its interior portion is lack of convenience and is lack of the safety. Actually, it is even harder to find the aesthetic point of the Eiffel tower in these days. Now more than the half portion of the park has all fenced against the people since people were throwing the trashes all over it. About one third of populations are selling wines, roses, miniature eiffel towers, and even portraits for the visitors. Without regard to these mess going down here, tourists from all over the world still come to take picture of this particular
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