Philanthropy Depicted In The Human Problematic

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Throughout sections of “The Human Problematic”, it talks about how in the world there are difficult problems that as humans we have to face. However, it establishes that as humans we establish solutions to those problems and must continue to do so. It is the “human problematic” that where sets up the reason why philanthropy exists. It talks about that philanthropy survives because in our world often goes wrong or things can get better. It talks about how as humans through our eyes we see how in a lot of conditions can be either natural or manmade, that each other in those tough situations are inevitable. It clearly points out that all of us are exposed to suffering, however the suffering we go through in America, is a clearly different from somebody who suffers in a third world country such as Africa. Another thing the section talks about is “things could always get better”. One of the main points of the book is that philanthropy makes things better, in situations that we wished we had not happened. However, philanthropy makes human have the far greater magnitude to accurately fix nature, try to let less severity of biological accidents happen and get rid of disease. It talks about how we think of the “evils” of the world include…show more content…
It points out that when we need help family and close friends can help us but if they can’t, mutual aid can come from co-workers, neighbors, Greek organizations and much more. It says that the helping individuals and people, it is goes far from helping themselves, they know the community will benefit. It says helping the community along the way will help the public sometime after this has happened. Next, it talks about government aid and the governments job to help promote public
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