Royal Dutch Shell Company Case Study

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The Human Right Consequence of Royal Dutch Shell oil company in the Niger Delta Region:
The portfolio is aiming to indicate how non-state actors like that of Multinational Business Organizations become responsible for violating human right in the region they are performing business activities. I took the specific case of human right violation inflicted by The Royal Dutch Shell Company in the Niger Delta region and its inhabitants. The portfolio discusses, specific problems the case entails in International law and Global governance, the involved parties, the issues raised, and other relevant elements.
This portfolio reviews a real-life example, which help to grasp the increasing involvement of non-state actors in international law by taking the example of one of the famous multinational petroleum extractor in the world, The Royal Dutch Shell petroleum company, how this
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Shell, according to the definition provided by encyclopedia, is of an Anglo-Dutch corporation and a leading oil and gas producer which is amongst the largest oil companies in the world. It is a recognized pioneer in oil and gas exploration and production technology. The Niger Delta, on the other hand, is a vast wetlands region in southern Nigeria, where despite the wealth beneath their feet, many live on less than $2 a day.
In 1958, The Royal Dutch Shell started oil production in the Niger Delta Region supported by the then Military regime of Nigeria. The Ogoni people of the Niger Delta region started a growing front against the oil company protesting the poverty, environmental degradation and the severe human rights abuses Shell brought to the community as a result of oil spills which destroy most of their farming and fishing activities. To make matters worse, Shell assisted the then government soldiers financially to use deadly force and attack the community brutally to suppress the protesting throughout the 1990’s. Ken
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