The Human Spirit In The Moon Is Down Analysis

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When put in difficult situations, the human race appears to be able to achieve just about anything. Whether it be a task as great as overcoming racism or tyranny, society as a whole has with the idea of the human spirit. Without it, the determination to overcome any form of despotism would not exist. As displayed in the Moon is down, Antigone, and by Martin Luther King Jr, when faced with the impediments of life, the human spirit tends to persevere in order to triumph over oppression.
Despite the difficult times the townspeople faced in The Moon is Down, they still continued to display the power of the human spirit through their actions. After the small town was flooded with the invaders, the townspeople were subjected to the harsh treatment of their new authority. Although it may have seemed there was no way to triumph this oppression, the people displayed the role of the human spirit regardless. As a miner of the town, Alexander Morden was commanded to extract the natural resources for his enemies.
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The fact that Creon overruled the burial of Polynices did not stop Antigone in the slightest from pursuing what she believed was moral. Respecting her brother in the said afterlife was her mission and she was determined to follow through. Antigone explains: “ I will bury my brother; and if I die for it, what happiness? Convicted of reverence- I shall be content to lie beside a brother whom I love “ (Lines 60-63). Although her actions would defy the commands of her ruler, she follows through with the rebellion to achieve justice for her brother. In response to Creon’s verdict, Antigone explained: “ This punishment will not be pain. Only if I let my mother’s son lie there unburied then I could not have borne it. This I can bear “ (Lines 391-394). Being the stubborn character that Antigone is she was not ready to give into her
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