The Humility Of Caesar And Calpurnia's Death In Julius Caesar

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Mafia is a game where all of the students gather and two investigators are chosen randomly and 2 hitman are chosen randomly as well, once the hitman winks at someone, they basically die and the investigators job is to find who is the hitman. The three scenes emphasize the many grave signs portending Caesar’s death, as well as his stubborn refusal to notice them. Initially, Caesar does agree to stay home in order to please his wife Calpurnia. In appreciating Calpurnia’s fear, Caesar demonstrates an ability to pay attention to his private matters. But when Decius tells him that the senators plan to offer him the crown that day, Caesar’s desire to comfort his wife gives way to his ambition, and his public self again prevails over his private self.…show more content…
He no longer sees the difference between his powerful public image and his vulnerable human body. Even at home in his dressing gown, far from the senators and crowds whose respect he craves, he assumes the persona of Caesar, the great man who knows no fear. Caesar has displayed a measure of humility in turning down the crown the day before, but this humility has evaporated by the time he enters into his third-person self-commentary and hastens to the Senate to accept the crown at last. Maybe this behavior confirms the conspirators charges, that Caesar will be a corrupt and evil king.. The game relates to act 2 by that there is multiple hitman which would be for example Cassius, Casca and others, they are plotting and they are persuading more to join the conspiracy against Caesar for example
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