The Humor In The Gospel Of Dr. Marinus Fenby

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Dr. Marinus Fenby said this to Norah Grayer when they were stuck in the dying operandi together. This was also just After Norah’s brother died. This quote means that each person who died in this story as a result of the twins had a life. They had families and friends and loved ones who missed them when they were gone. Their families also didn’t know that they were dead, just that they had disappeared so they had no one to blame for their pain. Although, as we know, what goes around, come around; in this case, the ‘what’ is grief. This quote was said to do two things: make Norah feel guilty and make Norah feel the impending grief. Marinus wanted Norah to feel bad for what she had done to all the Engifted people she and her brother had killed. This was supposed to be a hit at Norah’s morals and way of life as well. The reference to the proverb adds a layer of humour since much of Marinus’ humour is quite satirical. It also ads to the part of the impending grief that Norah will feel.…show more content…
The full proverb is “live by the sword, die by the sword”, which appears in the Latin Bible in the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 26, verse 52. The addition of this biblical quote could be a reference to the time when Jonah Grayer made one of the Engifted, Gordon Edmonds, recite our father for a chance to walk free before she died. This also implies a more symbolic approach seeing as earlier Norah made reference to the fact that the operandi was built by “people and not gods”. This twists Norah’s words slightly and adds a dramatic layer to the
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