Book Review: The Hunger Angel

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The bitter defeat of Germany in the World War 1 and the humiliating Treaty of Versailles gave rise to an indigenous and extreme form of fascism in Germany called Nazism. This ideology leads to one of the worst genocide in the history of mankind, known as The Holocaust, in which approximately six million Jews were killed by the Nazi regime under the command of Adolf Hitler and its collaborators. These killings took place throughout Nazi Germany and German occupied territories. During and after World War ll, i.e., between 1941- 1945, Jews were targeted and methodically murdered in the largest genocide of the 20th cent. Every arm of Germany’s bureaucracy was involved in the logistics of the genocides, turning the Third Reich into “a genocidal…show more content…
This is her much acclaimed work in which she wrote about her life along with a biography of a co- survivor (German poet Oskar Pastior) to her mother in the Nazi concentration camp. She has portrayed many characters in her novel who are though fictitious but show a true story of pain and suffering. Her imagery is startlingly distinct and nightmarish. This work reflects the turmoil of war and displacement. Her father was a volunteer in the Waffen SS during World War ll and her mother was deported to USSR for forced labor camp for 5 years. It detailed everyday life in the camp and their struggle there. Here, the hunger became an unavoidable angel who haunts the inmates of the camps but also a disorderly sparring partner, a rough blow that keep all of them experiencing the rawest part of their…show more content…
He has also won 2012 Austrian State prize for European literature. His book Missing People (1978) is a good account of the hard experiences of his and his family after world War ll. This novel is an autobiographical discourse, which also contains biographies of many of his family member like his father, mother, brother, wife and friends.
These autobiographies tell that how these people suffered just because of some politicians and socialists, who wanted to achieve their inhuman goals and pride. These survivors and their families had suffered the aftermaths for many later decades after the end of World War ll and death of Hitler. The army and politicians crush them and exploited them for many decades after seizing the genocide and occupation in 1945. Through these autobiographies we can see that its not only Jews but many other tribes and sects had faced the terror and were killed
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