The Hunger Games And Romeo And Juliet Comparison Essay

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“The key element in tragedy is that heroes and heroines are destroyed by that which appears to be their greatest strength” quoted by Robert Shea. A tragic hero is a literary character who makes a strong judgement error that inevitably leads to their own destruction. It is a literary technique used by writers in drama to entertain the audience and can also teach a moral lesson. The audience can learn from the mistakes committed by the character(s) and avoid doing the same. A writer that commonly uses this technique is William Shakespeare. One of his plays, in particular, is Romeo and Juliet. It is a play about two young strangers that fall in love in their first night of meeting. Their love will ultimately lead to both of their deaths. Ever since Shakesphere wrote this play many others have been inspired to create the same effect. One text, in particular, is the novel The Hunger Games,…show more content…
In Romeo and Juliet, the protagonist Juliet is afflicted by her loyalty to Romeo. Juliet’s willingness to sacrifice her life to be with Romeo is what creates her tragedy. This is shown when she awakes from her sleep and finds Romeo dead, she does not hesitate to kill herself. As she wanted to remain loyal to her true love, Romeo. Similarly, the protagonist in The Hunger Games, Katniss, puts herself in a tragic position because of her loyalty to her family. In the beginning Katniss volunteers in place of her sister, which is ultimately a death sentence. Katniss puts herself in a position in which she has to do things she does not want to do in order to survive. Such as having to fall in love with Peeta, killing people and participating in the capitols game. The heroic loyalty of the two characters is what lead to their own tragedy thus connecting the two protagonists in their representation as a tragic
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