The Hunger Games And The Lottery Comparison Essay

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We all have heard “You can't always get your way.” Sometimes we don't get what we want, or you would tell your siblings that when they annoy you. It is true that we, as people, don't always get our way. The same thing could be said in the two texts “The Lottery” and “The Hunger Games.” In both texts characters face eternal peace. Not by choice, but by someone choosing. In both texts someone draws from a box with papers. In “The Lottery,” Mr.Summers, a character that lives in the village, draws a name. The name that gets picked, dies. In ¨The Hunger Games,¨ Effie Trinket draws two names and the two people that got picked have to fight against other districts to stay alive. Shirley Jackson's “The Lottery,” and Suzanne Collins “The Hunger Games’’ may have many distinct differences, but they are heavily similar in theme and purpose of craft moves. Both texts share the idea that people can’t always get their way. For example, in “The Lottery,” the person…show more content…
“The Lottery” is a short story that employs devices such as symbolism, dialogue, and inner thinking. “The Hunger Games” is a novel that uses craft moves such as description, symbolism, and dramatic irony. In “The lottery.” Jackson uses symbolism to set up the problem. While in “The Hunger Games,” Collins uses symbolism throughout the story to stir empathy. Symbolism is used differently in both works, nevertheless symbolism is an important part in the two texts. Shirley Jackson uses dialogue throughout the story to provide the background information to inform the readers what's going on. Without this craft move the problem of the story would be hard to recognize. Suzanne Collins uses dramatic irony to provide the readers background information. Lastly, Jackson uses inner thinking to get the readers predicting. Collins uses description to create a setting. As you can see both texts have different craft moves, nonetheless they are still very similar when

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