The Hunger Games And The Most Dangerous Game Comparison Essay

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In literature class, we read the short story “The Most Dangerous Game”, by Richard Connell. The theme of the story, life or death, could be compared to the famous movie, The Hunger Games. The Hunger Games is a futuristic movie, where one boy and one girl from every district is taken to an arena to fight for the chance to be the last standing and to live. It is very similar to the fact that “The Most Dangerous Game” is about survival and fighting to live. One could say the movie and short story do not compare because The Hunger Games is also considered a romance, while “The Most Dangerous Games” is strictly about life and death. The short story “The Most Dangerous Game” is similar to the popular movie The Hunger Games because they share the same theme, life or death.…show more content…
During the hunger games children are put in a dense, dark forest area to fight to the death. “snarled and ragged jungle fringed the shore. He saw no sign of a trail through the closely knit web of weeds and tress”(p. 25) is how the setting of the most dangerous game is described. Both settings give off an eerie vibe that creates suspense for the readers.

The theme of life and death is the same in The Hunger Games and “The Most Dangerous Game” both are about fearful characters. Throughout the short story the main character, Rainsford, continuously says “I must keep my nerve, I must keep my nerve”(p. 33) to try and stay calm from the panic and fear he feels for his life. This is similar to how in the hunger games the boys and girls felt when being thrown into the arena, to fight for their lives. The Hunger Games is a thrilling life and death movie similar to the suspenseful short story “The Most Dangerous Game”. The two are alike through the theme, life or death. The themes are relatable because the settings are identical, both have fearful characters, and both are about

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