Book Summary: The Hunger Games

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Do you like reading books about love and survival? Well in the book the hunger games the main theme of the book is all about survival of the fittest and love. In the hunger games Katniss has to fight for survival against the other tributes, and she also fights to protect those who she loves, such as Peeta and Rue.

In the Hunger Games Katniss has to fight for the survival of those she loves and for herself, such as Peeta. “A full day? That’s more than I need. I mash up a handful of berries so the taste won’t be as noticeable and add some mint leaves for good measure. Then I head back up to the cave. ‘I’ve brought you a treat. I found a new patch of berries a little farther downstream.’ ”(272) In this part of the text Haymitch sends Katniss
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“At eleven years old, with Prim just seven, I took over as head of the family. There was no choice. I bought our food at the market and cooked it as best I could and tried to keep Prim and myself looking presentable. Because if it had become known that my mother could no longer care for us, the district would have taken us away from her and placed us in the community home. I’d grown up seeing those home kids at school. The sadness, the marks of angry hands on their faces, the hopelessness that curled their shoulders forward. I could never let that happen to Prim.”(28)[Katniss] In this excerpt of the book the hunger games, Katniss takes over the family at a young age because her dad dyes of a mine explosion, and after that her mom had just zoned out and was no longer capable of taking care of Prim and Katniss. When Katniss took over in order to feed them she had to go against the rules of the capitol by hunting in the forest outside of the districts. Katniss not just has to survive in the hunger games but also in everyday life in the districts.

In conclusion hunger games is a great example of how love and survival can change one’s life. In the hunger games Katniss faces all these challenges which she, in the end conquered all of them. Katniss had
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