The Hunger Games Marxism Analysis

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The society of Panem, in the film ‘The Hunger Games”, is constructed with the Capitol and its 12 subsidiary districts. Each district provides goods and produce for those in the Capitol. This happened while the latter governed the districts with strict laws, the worst of which was the event called “The Hunger Games.” It is a Capitol sponsored battle royale that features 12-18 year old tributes from each of the 12 districts. This immortalizes the consequences of the past rebellion of the districts against the Capitol by demonstrating their power and control through the games.
1. The basis for stratification in the film comes from the 1st rebellion of the Districts where there was revolution to stop the totalitarian rule of the Capitol over the
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The strengths of the Marxist perspective in analyzing the film are the first the fact that the country of Panem is socially divided by the Capitol and the 12 Districts which can be analyzed through his notions of social stratification. This territorial divide officially stratifies the constituents of Panem into those in control and those not. Another strength of this perspective is because there is this elite city that gets all the produce from the districts’ workers, there is an existence of a Capitalist elite class and a struggling working class. The fact that there have been revolutions that occurred and have been hinted at in the film is another strength because Marx would be able to analyze this through the steps for class struggle which would end in revolution. What limits the Marxist analysis of “The Hunger Games” would be that the culmination of a class struggle should always be revolution as the possible usage of other more diplomatic ways of creating a change have not been looked at. For example, by winning The Hunger Games, Peeta and Katniss would have had the ability to slowly promote change diplomatically as they have become fan favorites around the nation of Panem. Another limitation of the Marxist perspective is that struggle between two polar classes oversimplifies the societal structure of Panem. Districts 1,2 and 4 are wealthy districts that have set themselves apart from the other districts by treating the Hunger Games as place to find glory as they have developed Career schools. As mentioned earlier, they are rich due to their industries being better favored by the Capitol, and they are therefore more receptive of their
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