The Hunger Games Movie Vs Book

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What would you do if you were forced into an arena and you have to kill everyone else or die? Would you kill everyone, wait out everyone, or not even try and get eliminated in the first hour? In the story The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, these games have been haunting people for 75 years. Each year the Capitol (the government of Panem) picks both a male and female tribute from each district. Speaking of districts, instead of states they have districts. Each of the twelve districts have their own specialty, whether it’s fishing or chopping lumber which plays a major role in the survival and strategies for the tributes from that district. The people chosen to be in the games have many different strategies on surviving this cruel punishment…show more content…
For example in the Movie Katniss is terrified of the first games. Once when she was hunting for turkeys in district 12 she let her arrow loose and hit the fowl. Although that is not what she saw, she had a horrible recollection of memories of when she shot the boy from district one in the first games. President Snow recognizes Katniss’s fear and soon takes advantage of the situation by saying, “Would you like to be in a real war?”. While he is at Katniss’s house he tells her what he wants her to do and then threaten her. The actions that follow include on their victory tour when threatening to put her in another battle to the death. Katniss is expected by President Snow to make the district people think that she was going to eat the berries in love and not rebellion. If she did not do so she would be forced into another arena. Although in the book, President Snow scares Katniss by threatening to kill Prim, her little sister. This has a significant influence on Katniss. These events also play a part on the Capitol’s decisions. In the movie since Katniss is frightened of the games The Capitol decides to put her in another arena because she is scared of the first games. In spite of the book where the Capitol put her in another arena because she didn’t make President Snow believe she would of ate the berries in love and not rebellion. The book and movie also have similarities that play a major role in the plot line. One impeccable example is that the capitol wants Katniss to prove she would of ate the berries in love and not
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