The Hunger Games Plot Analysis

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The table above shows the titles of the five novels, their respective authors, and a brief summary of their plot. The following paragraphs compare the characteristics and structures of the plot. The plots follow a similar structure. They appeared to follow the structure of the Freytag’s Pyramid, in which the story begins with the exposition or the introduction to the story; the rising action, where problems begin to arise; the climax, where the action or drama is at its peak or where the problems are confronted; the falling action which shows events after the climax; and the denouement or the conclusion to the story. From the table, it is notable that the novels usually began the introduction of the characters and the introduction to the state of the world in which the characters lived, marking the exposition. The rising action begins when several events take place or problems arise, and these events lead to the climax. In The Hunger Games for example, based on the table, the rising action begins when the tributes are taken into the arena where they begin the fight, and are killed off one by one, leading towards the climax. The climax follows after the rising action. It is notable that the climax is when The main characters confronts the antagonist face-to-face, and a “final battle” ensues. Starters and The Hunger Games are examples. In Starters it is where the main character Callie faces the antagonist, The Old Man, and in The Hunger Games where Katniss and Peeta have
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