The Hunger Games: Psychological Manipulation

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Read the title and pay attention because I am about to reintroduce the reader to a problem that will be seen even seconds after reading this paper , Psychological manipulation . Psychological , is a type of social influence that aims to change the behavior or perception of others through abusive, deceptive, or underhanded tactics (Merriam-Webster 's collegiate dictionary, 1999 ). One of the most useful utensils,the cell phone, is a one way street for Psychological Manipulation. People get information on worldwide news, celebrity info, politics, etc. Everything that we do not know about shoved in our faces interpreted to make us feel and think how they want us to. We tell ourselves that nobody can tell us how we do anything unless their our…show more content…
In the book they said “ if people thought for themselves they 'll be against the party”(Orwell George). The government is changing the past so that what they are doing is seen as ok because the present is a result of the past. The definition of the word “future” is something that will exist or happen in time to come. For something to happen in time an event would have to be currently happening. Like in the Hunger Games there needs to be a game every year for it to be a tradition event. The book 1984 and Hunger games are like personality twins. In the movie the Hunger Games the government lies to citizens about the reason the hunger games take place. They are betrayed on the tv controlled by the government known as snow as excited and dedicated contestants to the Annual Hunger Games and all it stands for. In reality they were forced to participate. These are children who are scared and dedicated to staying alive. If you look at the 1984 book the same thing is going on but under a different circumstance. The government which is known to everyone as Big Brother tells everyone who they should be in a relationship with. These people are chosen to have babies with without having any type of love for them at all. They take their children and turn them into…show more content…
Furthermore, there is an opposite of positive propaganda which is negative propaganda. One of the most horrific attacks on american soil is the 911 Twin Towers and Pentagon attack. Newspapers, Media, and the internet stories all had an Idea about what really happened. These daily used sources were used to tell a story to the world about a tragic attack which was told one way and believed by some to be another way. In the news papers it said , “Nobody immediately claimed responsibility for the attacks”( ). Something that is common for attacks in the the United States is proudly claimed responsibility. Not all terrorist are muslims and the ones who are take responsibility and have reasoning. So it 's really ironic that the one attack that started the fear of Muslims have no survivors and nobody but the government to speak on their behalf. There is a pentagon case study showing that the damage does not match how much damage should have been done. The evidence collected looked like scrap metal rather than large plane pieces. There 's a picture a wing that looks

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