The Hunger Games Rhetorical Analysis

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My positive reaction to the film is that finally somebody showed how social media is controlling teenagers. I consider this a positive reaction because now young adults will see how brand are in control today with the help of social media. My negative reaction to this film is that unfortunately, teenagers will think that being shown in the film is cool and they will continue to follow the young adults that come out in the film and continue to be obsessed with likes. The passages that created the most impact on me was how social media uses all the data coming from the “Like” button to make actual currency. I cannot believe that kids do everything to become famous and be liked by others and they do not even see that brands are using them to sell their products. According to the film, social media marketing uses strategies that involve liking, retweeting, and following to help grow the brand they are marketing. I believe that social media is taking advantage of the fact that kids today want to be liked. Social media gives them the opportunity of being part of their world to make them happy but in reality, social media is the…show more content…
For example, The Hunger Games website offers challenges among users and whoever is in the “top fans” get prizes. Another part of the film that I considered a metaphor, is when Rushkoff mentions sponsorship. In The Hunger Games Movie, the characters do things to be liked and earn sponsors. Same thing happens in the real world. Youtubers, people that upload constant videos of themselves, do crazy things to be liked so they can get sponsors that give them free clothing and later they receive money from

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