The Hunger Of Memory Analysis

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Free education through social justice Education provides many opportunities when it comes to life in the U.S. In addition, having a better job, better pay and as well as a better life. In The Hunger of Memory by Richard Rodrigues is an autobiography about his journey from being a native Spanish speaker and hardly knowing English to a successful writer in English literature. Richard Rodrigues benefited from affirmative action. Because of affirmative action, Richard Rodrigues was able to receive a higher education as well as having a more promised future. Whereas, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Sckloot, she described how Henrietta Lacks and her family were illiterate tobacco farmers due to being poorly educated and discriminating circumstances in the 1950s. by looking at both Henrietta and Richard Rodrigues, it is noticeable how much of a difference a higher education can make in a person’s…show more content…
Financial aid is a government grant to help make college more affordable for everyone. Kelly, Andrew P. in the article "The Problem Is That Free College Isn’t Free." Andrew Points out, “During the [2008] recession, enrollments boomed and the state budget for higher education took a hit. Unable to raise additional revenue through a tuition increase, California’s community colleges turned away 600,000 students” (para 3). Colleges turned away many college students because they were not able to acquire financial aid. Financial aid should be available for everyone regardless of their circumstance or more affordable when it comes to students being able to acquire a higher education. By allowing education to be free or affordable, will allow students to focus more on their education instead of having to work on the side to help pay for college. If students are more focused on their education they will have better grades and complete their degree much faster than those who must
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