The Hungry Mouse Experiment

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“If you want to live a happy life , tie it to a goal , not people or objects” Albert Einstein

In 1948 ,at yale university, american experimental psychologist Neal E. Miller ,and his colleague Gardner L. Hart studied a variety of animal’s behaviour .They performed an experiment to find out why There is a difference in behavioural actions between two similar species. They brought two identical mice in two cages , they over fed one of the mice , meanwhile they let the other mouse to get hungry. To compare their reactions, they built an apparatus with one compartment for each mouse each one with a tube and a bar that provided food for them. After releasing the mice into the compartments , they noticed that the hungry mouse
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What is motivation ?, where does it fit in psychology ? why is it important ? , how does it effect a person? what are the flaws in motivation ?According to psychologists motivation has been proven useful for creating successful personalities. Motivating is the act of creating a certain goal . Motivated is the state when someone or something feels his existence means something , and that he believes that he can achieve the goal of his life , literally motivation is the desire to do things in a particular way to achieve your goals. It is a crucial element in setting priorities and goals. In Hart’s experiment the hungry mouse’s only goal is to find food and survive . This applies to humans too , Imagine that you are running in a race in the olympics , the only thing that will keep you running is the desire to win the race. That is what motivation is all about . However psychologists do not agree that Motivation has a primary effect on behaviour , but they do agree that motivation is a life changing concept in psychology, because motivation has a great effect on all of psychologies other…show more content…
The main factors of motivating humans is the surrounding environment, and surrounding people such as parents and teachers, their job is to take out everything that destroys motivation such as child criticism. In kurdistan child criticism right now is much better than it used to be back in my time, I was even criticised by the teachers for being honest to them. Still today our children are experiencing such things , even though it is illegal to hurt children physically, or emotionally. Instead of hurting them why not give them a reason to believe in themselves ? Another flaw in motivation is inserting the wrong goal in their minds instead of letting them choose their own goals , this is one of the biggest mistakes that parents make here, this has caused the society to accept only doctors , pharmacists , and engineers
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