The Hunt: A Fictional Narrative

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Brad then took his rifle to kill the remaining two hunters. The hunters have now become the hunted.
Brad left the barn and ran straight through the hunting ground, carrying his rifle.
Brad made his way to the exit. But he heard footsteps from a distance. Brad decided to make his way down a small cliff, and hide there. When Brad peeked out of his hiding space, he saw a female hunter, looking around. Brad snuck up from behind her. He then pointed his rifle right at the female hunter's head.
"Please don't", she said. "I have a family!"
"Yeah", Brad said. "I bet all those people you've killed had families as well."
"But I didn't kill those people."
"But you advocate killing people. Otherwise you wouldn't be involved in this hunt."
"If you kill
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However, Another gun was pointed at her back.
"What are doing, George?" Melissa asked.
"I'm making sure that I'm the one who kill this kid , Melissa", George said. "Not you."
"But we're suppose to be working as a team."
"I was never a team player."
"Why are you doing this?"
"I'm trying to help out my niece, Britney. She's 30 years old, and she can't get a decent job anywhere. I gave Britney a job with one of my companies, despite the fact that she wasn't really qualified. Eventually, I had to fire her. I then decided to loan her some money. I told Britney that she could use that money to place a bet . She bet that I would kill at least one of the prey. Once I kill this guy, I get my money back, and Britney walks away with $250,000."
"It's always about money", Brad said.
"Shut up!" George yelled.
George then shot Melissa in the back. The bullet flew right out of her chest. Melissa then collapsed to the ground.
Brad wasted no time. He quickly fled the hunting ground. But George followed him.
Meanwhile, several people were at a club, watching the hunt on multiple TV screens.
"Damn it, Uncle George", Britney said. "Why are you still chasing him? He escaped. So it doesn't
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"I feel sleepy", Brad said.
"We weren't drinking", Chloe said. "We can take you home."
"Awesome!" Nick said.
At that point, Nick and Brad passed out.
Present day...
Brad was slowly waking up.
"Where am I?" Brad asked.
"You're in the hospital", The Doctor said.
"I remember now!"
"Take it easy, Bradly. You were just shot in the back."
"How long was I here for?"
"Overnight. We rushed you into the ER as soon as we could. Once we got that bullet removed, we brought you to your room. You slept for a good eight hours."
Later on that day, Brad was interviewed by the police. He told them everything that happened, including Nick getting shot. By the next evening, Brad learned on the news that George was arrested. The campsite in which the hunter stayed in, the barn, and the club where people watched the hunt from, were all raided by police.
Some time later, George was charged with the attempted murder of Brad, and he was charged with the murder of Melissa. Brad was put on trial for the murder of Roger and the other hunter, who's name was Paul. But the court ruled that Brad only acted in self-defense. As for George's niece, Britney goes, she didn't want to testify in court, so she left the

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