The Hunt For Individuality In Anita Nair's The Better Man

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The Hunt for ‘Individuality’ in ‘The Better Man’
Anita Nair, a post-colonial novelist, writes for the women’s emancipation. She deftly handles the issues faced by the women of today and aids them to arrive at a decision when they meet the same problems. The present day women like to assert their individuality and no longer wish to be suppressed by the male dominated society. In The Better Man the search for identity is not by a woman but by a man, Mukundan Nair. Hence it is clear that Anita Nair is not a feminist but a champion for those in distress.
Keywords: Kaikurissi, ghosts, self- centeredness, inner peace, self-assertion, Dostoevskian touch

Anita Nair emerges as a skilled story writer, since she has essentially entwined several minuscule tales into a remarkable portraiture of a fiction. The Better Man is an ideally carved fiction of a man and his dreads, and the encounters he met to ascertain his self-esteem and individuality.
Characters are acquainted with all the way through the fiction without well-expressed representation. Steadily the characters are presented to perform a segment in Mukundan Nair’s life. The protagonist is a retired Govt. employee, compelled by conditions to come back to his native hamlet. All the chapters travel together faultlessly to arrive at the conclusion point of the fiction.
Nair possesses a skill to provide a short and perfect dramatization and as well as proficient fiction author bestowed with generous

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