The Hunting Ground Summary

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For my campus immersion activity, I watched the movie The Hunting Ground. This movie is a documentary based on college students and their struggles they have encountered about begin sexually assaulted on their campus. Throughout this movie, I found myself almost in tears, or clenching my blanket so tight because it was so difficult and frustrating to hear these victim’s stories and how they almost always never received the help they were hoping for from their own universities. Hearing statistics repeatedly mentioned about how colleges could have over 200 reported sexual assaults, but have only 1 expulsion, or only have 10 suspensions, is completely ridiculous and inconceivable. What is it going to take for these colleges to step up and help these victims and hold the assailants accountable?
Many of the victims interviewed in the documentary reported that many of them had thoughts of self-harm, or had actually tried to commit suicide. This should never be an answer for a student when they were the victim of a sexual assault, especially when they should be supported by their own university that they call home. This documentary looked into all different aspects to see if it was just one college, or one department area that seemed to always be the
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To see this trend that schools not following through on reported sexual assault cases is a huge disservice to their students and victims when it comes to supporting and educating the people are a part of the institution. A serious discussion and realization needs to come forth that there is much more that is needed to be done for people to realize that sexual assault does happen at almost every school, and more actions are needed in order to stop
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