The Huntsman Winter's War Analysis

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The Huntsman Winter’s War movie, in the beginning, it was prequel and finally was sequel of Snow White and the Huntsman. In reviewer’s perspective, the plot passed quite slowly and boring. It takes longer to reach the highlight scene. The movie has to be chased long before the relatives are broken, jump over to create a new kingdom. The Queen came up to build up the huntsman, finally love makes a lost hunter. The magical mirror becomes sacred to the queens. The structure of the movie is good plot but it takes a long time to the scene in the Sacred Grove before reach to the war between Evil Queen, Ravenna and Ice Queen, Freya. Moreover, this movie emphasizes about “Love” too much. So, there are not action scenes that much fun and excited. Even though, the Huntsman becomes to minor character and the Queens are the main character. Everyone can guess the plot likes…show more content…
The high-quality computer graphic skill creates scenes and power as if it existed. For example, the Huntsman are fight with Goblins, when Goblins scream in close-up shot we will see the little detail. Moreover, the scene that Ravenna is fight with Freya and the Huntsman, Ravenna release the power before she dies and her wing separate and black blood come out from her mouth. It is look so scary and real. For the costume in this movie, it is a showcase for the work of Oscar-winning costume designer Colleen Atwood . For the costume of Evil Queen and Ice Queen are motivate reviewer. The Freya’s costume in the last scene was made with metal fabric pleated its look like ice crystal and with Aquarian tubing meant to resemble spiky ice. Atwood also tell that he has inspired by the Disney character, Elsa. As a result, that lead her looks discreet and impassible. For the Queen Ravenna, in the movie she come from the magical mirror so her costume has black and gold color kind of a molten dress. As consequence, that made her looks powerful and
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