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“Maggie!” Albert shouts after his sister as she darted out of the chapel. He dashed after her, sloshing through the several feet of water. It was dark in the hallway, and he couldn’t see where she’d gone.
“Maggie!” Thinking she had gone to hide in the dorm room, she shared with nine other girls, he felt along the wall for the doorknobs as he walked, counting them until he came to her room.
“Maggie! Maggie, come on now!” He could see no movement inside, only the shuddering of the walls from the relentless pressure of the wind. The window panes seemed as if they were about to shatter. He walked in, water up to his knees, and felt his way to the row of beds against the wall, touching the tops of all of them, searching for his sister. She wasn’t there. (51)
1b. The passage was memorable because it reminded me how a lost family member is always looking for until they are found. I could not imagine being in a situation where my younger sister is missing because the anxiety of not being able to find my sister in the middle of a growing hurricane is unimaginable. Albert and a group of people start to run inland, and then he
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An unexpected hurricane has many effects that I never imagined. There is always destruction in a hurricane, but the book has broadened my perspective because of the detailed accounts. Many people tried to “board up” their windows and doors to block the water from rushing into their houses, but it was unsuccessful (16). If the water starts rushing in, then the house will eventually fall. Now, I know that the best solution is to leave my house and find a safer building that is farther inland. The flying pieces of debris damage the houses and make it easier for the water to bypass the house. People were hungry, their “clothes were soaked,” and they were cold (93). If they had food and many layers of clothing, they would be more comfortable. The amenities help them move easily to find a safe place and that gives them a better chance at

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