The Hurt Locker Play Analysis

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The 2008-drama ‘’The Hurt Locker’’, directed by Kathryn Bigelow, demonstrates the changes you go through when being at war as well as the difficulties that follows when risking your life. Not only are you put in situations, where your life will depend on comrades; you are also forced to see, experience and comprehend brutality, death and horror on a completely different level. In this film, we follow an American bomb disposal team and their attempt to co-operate. However, it appears rather unsuccessful: with a team existing of three completely different minded persons, it requires understanding and respect from each person in order to teamwork. The film is set in Iraq near the capital Baghdad during the Iraqi war. The location serves a thematic…show more content…
Him being overly confident, rash and reckless causes his two comrades into difficult and dangerous positions multiple times, which they are not satisfied with, naturally. You can suspect James of considering the war as a game or a sport: he takes everything lightly and likes joking around, even in the scene where he discovers several bombs connected and placed around him. In addition, he makes it a point of honor to defuse bombs. Therefore, he keeps parts of the bombs as awards. The way of thinking war like a game is also seen in ‘Why Men Love War’: ‘’War is a brutal, deadly game, but a game, the best there is. And men love games’’ , so James matches this quotation particularly well. However, this reckless, unserious and flippant attitude change with the passage of time, and the viewer becomes aware that the James-character is exceptionally round and complex. When a boy living near the US-camp tries to sell him DVD’s, James mostly just laughs and teases him, yet under the surface it ap-pears that James actually likes this child. He buys a number of DVD’s and shares his candy. Maybe because the boy reminds him of home, where he has a son and a wife. Later at a mission James finds what he believes is the boy from the Campsite: dead and harmed. Suddenly, he gets emotional and for the very
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