The Husband's Secret Essay

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The Husband’s secret by Liane Moriarty is a phenomenal serious novel with twists and turns along the storyline. It is a book about a wife named Cecilia Fitzpatrick, who one day mistakenly finds a letter addressed to her which was supposed to be given to her after her husband (John-Paul’s) death. As curious as she is, she opens it and finds out a dark truth which can ruin her family and affect people near them. As being the innocent woman she is, she wants to do the right thing : telling her husband and breaking the family apart or keeping the discomfort of hiding a big secret. Overall, this book was very interesting to read because it grips on the hard reality and for me, it was something i have never read before which made it more captivating.

The setting of this book is set in the Sydney, Australia and it mostly revolves around Cecilia’s home and neighborhood. Throughout the book, we can picture a bright and sunny typical neighborhood, with friendly neighbors but towards the end of the book, it starts to get dark and gloomy because of the plot twist and I think the ending imagery gives a more deeper and powerful understanding of the
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Cecilia neglects the fact that she suffers from this, but throughout the book, it’s very obvious that she suffers from some minor effects of OCD. “Normally I can’t leave the house unless everything is perfect. I know I’m ridiculous.” Page 203. This quote is significant because it shows how much she suffers from OCD and the fact that she laughs it off by saying she’s ridiculous, seems as if she’s denying the fact that she suffers from any disorder. Her OCD also relates to how she lives her life because reading the book, some parts showed that she tried to maintain the ‘perfect’ personality such as in areas like her daughter’s school by being a leader for the parent teacher meetings and organizing everything by
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