The Husband's Secret Short Story

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The book ‘The Husband 's Secret’ by Liane Moriarty was published in 2013. It is a story set in Australia, of three women - Tess, Cecilia and Rachel. The book talks about how their lives are connected in a way they would have never imagined when one of them finds a letter by her husband which is to be opened at his death. The book starts with three stories, one for each woman, and gradually intersects in the middle of the book. The author has linked each and every character, and has brought them out to the readers. Each character has developed beautifully. It is excellently written based on the story of the Pandora’s Jar and has many twists and turns. Cleverly using fairly short and snappy chapters, often with a cliff hanger end sentence, leaves the readers eager to know what would happen next, though the epilogue opens all sorts of possibilities. She tackles both a subject and life of the 21st century with warmth and realism. The story has a concealed tale of sensitivity and forgiveness and yet also talks about the aftermath of the actions and decisions taken without knowledge. The book draws us in from the starting with the mystery of the letter as we all would want to know what is written inside. Once the letter was opened and the secret was revealed, the story took a much unexpected turn of events. The author has an enormous eye for detail, and nothing is wasted in the complexity of the story. The families in the book sound so ordinary but they are made special by the

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