The Ibjectages And Disadvantages Of Priority Based Control

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 Less human work to control the traffic system.
 The controller can control the signal at the place where he is present and no need to go to the control room to control the traffic.
 Less time consumed and fuel wastage on the traffic.
 The first priority is given only to the emergency vehicles.

METHODOLOGY: Nowadays, too often the emergency vehicles are seen waiting in traffic jams. On busy road ways traffic delays may cost a lot more than time, they may be deadly. In such cases, the emergency vehicle prioritization system is obviously a necessary one.
The methodology used in this paper is Priority Based Control Algorithm (PBCA). Normally Indian Vehicles when manufactured itself a unique code is given known as the VIN (Vehicles identification Number) for a specific automobile.
The VIN number is composed of 17 characters. Whereas, the emergency vehicle contains the RFID tag with the information about the vehicle. The main purpose of this methodology is to make the Emergency vehicle to move freely without getting struck in the traffic so as to save the human life. The process that is followed in my paper is:
The data’s are censored from the vehicles using the RFID tag and it is processed to the Data Acquisition and then to the Data Base. In the Data Base, the Priority Based Control Algorithm is performed to check the priority of the vehicle, the direction of the vehicle, the distance between the vehicle and the signal, time taken to cross the signal is

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