Descriptive Essay: The Ice Blaster

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“The Western Gods are out to destroy us. They have convinced the West to assemble an army and plan to strike tomorrow. We must respond. All men and women will fight. Defend the temple at all costs. Prove your faith to us one last time and you shall be handsomely rewarded.” Shea still remembered the exchange between the Gods and his people vividly. He had fought valiantly but alas was captured by the West and held captive in their temple prison. It seemed like he was waiting for his end to come when 4 bright figures appeared in a sudden flash of light. “The Ice Blaster uses lasers on high pressure gas; where photons collide with the molecules and removes their electrons, causing the gas to cool, lowering temperatures by thousands of degrees in seconds. Kinda chilly eh?” Shea picked up the next weapon. “Now this is my favourite! It’s called the Midnight Pulse (MP). Basically it works like a mini black hole, sucking everything you point at into a vacuum pouch located within the gun. Use this only as a last resort.” All this Arya recited mentally as she crouched in a corner of the room. She was trapped and had only one way to escape. She clutched at the Ice Blaster tightly. The humanoid was catching up with her. The tracking device on it could identify and…show more content…
Humans have grown to rely on them increasingly. Whenever they faced a problem, all they had to do was to look it up on the internet or turn to their beloved machines. None of them even spared us a single thought. They were beginning to lose faith in us. Lesser temples were being erected and sacrifices being made. Eventually existing temples will be demolished for new research centers. The Gods are slowly dying out. So we have instigated a war where humans will destroy one another. Annihilate the unfaithful; destroy those damned technology and stop science from progressing. Only those loyal to us will survive. And you will be one of them Shea. Let us rebuild the world
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