The Ice Garden Character Analysis

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Deceiving Looks and Humanity’s Obsession with Them Analysis of “Ice Garden” by Moira Crone The issue with the importance of the appearence have been around for a very long time. As soon as the human started civilizing a little by little, an obsession with perfection appeared. In the novel The Ice Garden by Moira Crone, beauty and its influence on the 1960s woman play major roles. In it, humanity´s obsession with looks, that often may be deceiving, is shown through the plot, the characters and the way they are developed throughout, and the word/expression choice. The desire to be ideal has been a goal, that people have been trying to achieve for a very long time, even though they know it is impossible. Moira Crone, using key pieces of…show more content…
Firstly, there is the word that is used constantly though the development of the story - beautiful. By repeating it, the author emphasizes on its importance for the meaning of the novel. Secondly, there is the moment when Claire describes her mother as a “creature” (p.77). By choosing this word, Crone illustrates her as some kind of a mythical creature, an angel in order to show her irresistibility. The last word combination I chose, however, shows the darker part to Diana’s personality. After Claire and her father return from their short trip, she gets very jealous and compares her daughter to a “little b****” (p.90). By making her say something as bad as this, the author puts on the stage the messed up half of Diana - the part, that very little people have seen. By doing this, she depicts the topic about deceiving looks and shows us that the shell that people live in do not always match with the soul. The Ice Garden shows the obsession with beauty and perfection, that society has. Despite the fact, that looks can be deceiving, the human has always been and always will aim for idealism. Moira Crone uses a lot of different ways to show that, like the plot’s and characters’ development and the word choice. The approach, that she uses in order to express her opinion, however, is very good. She creates the perfect family and shows that regardless of that fact they still have wars going on in their
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