The Ice Truck Killer Character Analysis

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The fundamental character in part one is "The Ice Truck Killer", a serial enemy of whores who evades the Miami Metro Police Department. The executioner leaves things at the wrongdoing scene that have individual significance to Dexter. In the interim, Dexter is impractically required with Rita Bennett, a single parent whose forthcoming ex, Paul Bennett, is discharged from jail on Parole. While Bennett regards their kids, he more than once yet unsuccessfully, endeavors to get back with Rita. After Bennett undermines him, Dexter thumps Paul out, and afterward sets him up to seem as though he abused his parole by utilizing heroin. While back in jail, Bennett demands that Dexter set him up, yet Rita disregards him.

Debra Morgan starts dating a prosthetics specialist named Rudy Cooper who is furtively the Ice Truck Killer. After they get ready for marriage, Cooper hijacks Debra and draws Dexter to the house where he is keeping her. Here Dexter perceives Cooper as Brian, his missing sibling. Brian tells Dexter that, as kids, they saw their mom's murder because of street pharmacists, who then left both of them in a transportation case for two days, sitting in a pool of their mom's blood. He likewise discovers that Brian spent a lot of his adolescence in an establishment. Brian conveys Dexter to a bound Debra, goal that both of them would murder
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Against Dexter's desires, Rita gives Bennett a full burial service. Subsequent to pondering Paul's cases, Rita stands up to Dexter and he confesses to confining Paul. This confirmation, combined with Dexter's other odd conduct, persuades that Dexter himself is a heroin someone who is addicted, a lie he runs with to cover for his real exercises. She propels him to join Narcotics Anonymous, where he meets and gets to be included with his support, Lila Tournay, a fire lover who begins to seek after Dexter
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