Hamlet And Gertrude Analysis

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Claudius represents Hamlet’s Id and desire of Hamlet’s to sleep with his mother Gertrude. King Hamlet resepresents superego to control his Id or his desire to sleep with Gertrude.
In act 3, scene 4 , Hamlet putdown his mother Gertrude for her sexual behavior “ Rank sweat of an enseamed bed”. At this moment, king Hamlet’s sprit (the super ego) appears to prevent the desire from being realized. King Hamlet remarks to the Hamlet, this revealing his guilt conscience of both his desire and delay:
“Do not forget! This visitation, Is but to what thy almost blunted purpose” (lines 111-112)
Death of Gertrude (Hamlet’s mother)
In the end in act, 5 scene, 3 Hamlet is finally able to kill to Claudius because Gertrude has now died, because She was the
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The love of Hamlet with Ophelia reminded Hamlet the love of his mother, in Ophelia he found his mother picture and love which he could receive from his mother Gertrude; Hamlet took Ophelia as her mother. Jones gives the reference of other writer like Goethe, Loemiong that there are some resemblance characteristic in these both Ophelia and Gertrude, this resemblance is because which Hamlet’s mind. Through his love with Ophelia, Hamlet shows his anger with his mother it can be seen when his mother request him to sit beside her, but Hamlet replied

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