The Idea Of Positivity In The Short Film Post-It

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“In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision” this quote by the Dalai Lama provides insight on how positivity can be developed by one’s own actions. This quote insinuates that the best way to bring one’s self happiness is to have a positive mindset. The short film “Post-it” effectively displays this idea throughout its plot. The main character, Elroy, has recently lost his mother and is in a dejected attitude towards life. However, while waiting on a bus he encounters a stranger named Clara. Clara’s outgoing personality and positive mindset forces Elroy to abandon his previous depressed mindset and take on a whole new outlook on life. Clara shows Elroy that a single of act of kindness, like handing a stranger a positive message, can boost one’s own morale. The…show more content…
Clara was used as source of positivity that was missing from Elroy’s life. Regardless of what happened, Clara would find the good in the situation rather than sulk on what was going wrong. She shows that while it is human nature to live in the past and sulk about what is wrong, she refuses to abide by that and attempts to bring happiness to as many people as possible. Handing out positive notes brought joy to the Elroy and Clara, which in turn also strengthened their relationship with each other. Clara’s positivity shows that spreading kindness will bring good things not only to you, but also the people around you. Even when the stranger who sat between Elroy and Clara was being rude, she spread her happiness and made a positive influence on him as well. Regardless of whom it was Clara found to be a good influence on anyone she talked to. Throughout the short film “Post-it”, the director employs a multitude of symbols. Elroy’s sorrow along with Clara’s happiness shows a full range of human relationships and key universal concepts of life. The Post-it notes, Clara, and Elroy’s box played a major role as symbols in the
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