Short Essay: The Invisible Man By Ralph Ellison

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The Invisible Man Essay After reading the book “Invisible Man”, written by Ralph Ellison I have come to the conclusion that this fiction book was simply informative in the main character’s past. This character had gone through so much throughout his life and describes each adventure carefully with great detail. This essay will describe how the main character views himself, and how the main character lived before he turned invisible. In the prologue of the book, the narrator first describes himself; telling the reader the adventures on how it feels to be invisible. The main character never reveals his name for the sake of being “Invisible”. The narrator explains that he is not truly gone in presence, he is not a ghost, but on the other hand, he is a man in which in people refuse to and cannot see. His invisibility has become a rather…show more content…
Finding that Brother Jack is taking the narrator to a party, the narrator gets back a little drunk and decides to pay Mary the rent and leave to find a new apartment. Within time, the narrator was running through the streets of Harlem when he was shot in the Knick of his head, from a bullet that was attempting to reach two men robbing a safe. After being hit, a kind man stops the main character to check his head. After moments, the narrator runs from the incident and falls into a man hole, beginning to fall asleep, waking up to becoming invisible. In conclusion, the main character had a very interesting life, fulfilled with many adventures. This narrator’s life was not only challenging, but unique due to his conditions of becoming invisible. Without many friends and fellow supporters through this characters journey, none of his journey could’ve happened. In closing, the main character lives the life he was meant for even though it was unique and imperceptible by
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