Pecunia Civilization Analysis

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Ancient civilization is always charming because it has great influence on the multi-polarized structure of the world. The foundation of my civilization, Pecunia, is based on history’s outstanding achievements and learnt from history’s lessons. Therefore, it is a relatively ideal civilization from three possible aspects: desirable geography location, prosperous economic situation and progressive form of government. To begin with, desirable geography location can be one of the most favorable factors to thrive a civilization since it could bring many advantages in different ways. Pecunia has some coastal areas which are located in the maritime climate zone, so these areas have adequate rainfall over a year. Since mild, warm current passes the…show more content…
The development of democracy is a long and hard road. From the beginning of the appearance of society, inequality is always there. Hundreds of thousands of people fight for their rights, though sometimes they already knew the truth that they would die because of their resistance. Why should people fight so hard for something that might fail? There are several mainstreams forms of government, why democracy is regarded as an ideal form of government which agreed by the majority? Winston Churchill even said before, “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.” Though democracy is an unsatisfactory form of government, it is better than dictatorial government or oligarchy, especially in ancient times. There are not too many civilizations accept democracy as the form of government, but it was first practiced in Ancient Greece. Although at that time, only free men were counted as citizens, not included women, children, or slaves, vote was first developed in Ancient Greece. Five hundred names were drawn from a pool of all name of Athens citizens and those people could have a chance to make new laws and change old laws, then all citizens of Athens needed to vote for those laws. Although Ancient Greece performed democracy, it was not completely democracy. The limitations of gender, nationality and social classes made only a very small minority of people living in Ancient Greece enjoy equal rights. However, it was still the closest civilization and come to establishing democracy and the most open civilization had accepted the ideas of democracy. The form of government of my civilization, Pecunia, was very similar to the form of government practiced in Ancient Greece. I called it “partial democracy”. Since Pecunia has four social classes, people have different positions in the society. For example, managers have the highest social position
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