Kallipolis: The Ideal City In Plato's Republic

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In Plato’s book Republic, he outlines the ideal just society. Through his written dialogue, Plato describes the ideal city. He calls this city Kallipolis and that is where I am from. Kallipolis means beautiful city. The city was outlined to be a healthy city where justice prevails. In the healthy city, the basic needs of the people are met in the most efficient way. Everyone works together to support each other in every aspect of their lives. The society values wisdom, courage, loyalty, and selflessness. The concepts behind Kallipolis are philosophical approaches to how a community can flourish with justice and happiness. However, the ideal city can be difficult to translate to real life.
The city was created with the goal of establishing justice that would allow the community to flourish. There were different thoughts on the origin of justice. Glaucon explains that “the badness of
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In some ways, the society is just. There is a sense of equality among the three divisions of society. The community also is united under doing good. Partial justice exists due to the idea of everyone having a place and role in Kallipolis. However, some of the keys to creating justice can have flaws due to human nature. Moderation appears in a city if it is “in control of itself and of its pleasures and desires” (Plato,107). It takes only a few people who do not practice moderation to take it down for a larger group. Additionally, in a community, people are constantly interacting with each other. Plato advises that each person should mind their own business. Socrates stated that “meddling and exchange between these three classes, then, is the greatest harm that can happen to the city and would rightly be called the worst thing someone could do to it” (Plato, 109). Plato had a great expectation of humans to purely seek the good and righteous. However, human nature has flaws that create cracks in Plato’s ideal

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