Analysis Of John Dewey's Failure Of The Education System

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Education has become the foundation in which society builds upon in order to create stable career and life in America. The educational system, though, has become a repetitive process where students are expected to memorize words and formulas instead of a curriculum that educates students about current issues.
John Dewey, the “father of experimental education” expresses his concerns with the previous current education system where he describes it as a system in which “Democracy cannot flourish” due to the lack of curriculum that doesn 't “acknowledge the social responsibilities of education.” Democracy, according to Dewey, is not possible because it needs people who will develop their own “social insight and interest”. Many schools only focus on memorization which doesn 't leave much room for a student to think on their own, but Dewey points out that if students develop interest and insight, then they will be able to determine their own choices in society. He establishes that if the American educational system continues as it is, democracy will essentially fail. John Dewey 's idea of an educational system was seen as an absurd concept, but today there are many schools that are trying to establish a more functional system with ideas coming from Dewey himself.
While John Dewey focuses on how the failure of the education system can determine if democracy
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While the image by Koren makes a respectable argument about high schools prioritizing sports over education, he fails to realize that most schools require students to maintain a good academic standing as well as respectable behavior. However, schools that do value sports over education would be an argument Dewey would disagree with because he still wants schools, just not the traditional schools available to when he wrote the
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