The Ideas Of Karl Marx's Socio-Political Conflicts

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Marxism is a socio-political ideology proposed by Karl Marx main ideology of Marxism is that the wealth has to be equally divided among the society for that Co-operative company instead of corporate company 's can be accepted that means the wealth collected or gained by the company is not targeted towards the owner of the company instead it is divided equally among all the co-operative. Marx explains history in terms of class struggles. Basically 'the haves and 'have not’s '. For Marx this class struggle is a natural process. Conflicts are usually resolved in the long run even if these conflict results in violence. There will be a positive outcome in the end. History will move on to another stage. Marx uses feudalism as an important example of class struggle. As to what class people belong to is determined by the economic means and conditions of production. Each period of economic developments is characterized by a particular class. In feudal times the majority of people were serfs. In time hand-mill production was replaced by steam-mill production so capitalism replaced feudalism. One could say that this gave rise to a new class of ' haves ' and 'have not’s '. Capitalists who own the means of production and the workers who produce, but do not own anything they produced. According to Marx capitalist society is identified by considerable extent of revenue for those who have the medium of production extremely limited residue for the workers this result in a

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