Black Boy Chapter 19 Analysis

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One important quote in chapter 19 was, “I would make his life more intelligible to others than it was to himself. I would reclaim his disordered days and cast them into a form that people could grasp, see, understand, and accept.” The quote explains describe Richard’s motivation for his sketch of the black communist Ross. Richard regards life in general as meaningless pain and suffering. The most exciting experiences in life are to do things that normally you wouldn’t do and to do things that are fun to you and make you happy for Richard it writing. But Richard does not only write for his pleasure he writes for other people, to make other people interested what he is interested in. As we read the book Black Boy we see that he is very interested…show more content…
The Irishman invites him to join the John Reed Club, an organization for artists and writers. Richard ends up going to a meeting for fun and ends up joining the editorial board of its magazine, "Left Front." Richard starts meeting many now-famous artists, and becomes friendly with many different kinds of people and most of them are white. Richard is worried that they are secretly racist, but he loves being around these people because they are writers, they understand him. He finds that these people "believe in life" but Richards’s mother looks over the magazine and is stunned by the violence in the novel and doesn’t understand it .He tries to explain everything to her but she just does not understand the content of the novel. Richard complains to the Club that a publication for working class people is written in a way that cannot be understood by people, the club gives him no answers about his complaint. But the writers still publish Richards’s poems. Richard wants to try to let other blacks know about Communism and plans to write a biographical sketch of a black Communist. There is a huge problem between the artists in the club who control the policy and the writers who side with the interests of "Left Front." A reelection of club officials is decided and Richard gets elected secretary which he is surprised of. Richard later learns that he was used by the writers to gain control of the
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