The Ideas Of March Film Analysis

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Scandals, dirty politics, and individual who try to remain loyal to their ideals describes the film The Ideas of March into one sentence. Governor Morris played by George Clooney is struggling to gain the votes to win Ohio while also dealing with a sex scandal and disloyal people within his campaign team. Loyalty is everything to Morris and Stephen Meyers (Ryan Gosling) junior campaign manager betrays that loyalty by meeting with the opposing sides campaign manager Tom Duffy who tries to bribe him to come to their side because he feels threaten my Stephen because he is loved by the people. In reality Tom was just playing Stephen to get him fired knowing how much loyalty means to Morris. Admits the drama when the “hot” intern ends up pregnant by Morris, Stephen who she is also having sexual encounters with, feels it’s his duty to take care of her situation. He gets her the money needed to get an abortion and tells her that she has to leave the campaign team but shortly after finding out Stephen had been fired she overdoses on pills and dies. Her passing causes anger in Stephen and he uses the sex scandal against Morris…show more content…
(He isn’t bad to stare at for 101 minutes) I do think Ryan was a smart person to cast in this movie because he has made so many great movies and has gained a “fan club” that watches any movie he is in. Sadly political movies aren’t attractive to most people as compared to Marvel movies and Fifty Shades of Grey, because most people don’t care for politics or think it will be boring. Having someone like Ryan in a political movie can gain a new/different audience that wouldn’t have watched the movie without his appearance. I think that when the producers of political films begin to cast individuals it is important to have a cast that people want to see. This also is a great way to get political messages out to the people by having major stars casted in their

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