Architectural Utopian Architecture

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Le Corbusier has brought up the thoughts about architecture or revolution. When it comes to the modernist architecture, the view that being held is that modern architecture could solve social problems. Before World War I, two completely different ideas toward architecture has presented. On the one hand, the building wants to be unique and has the characteristics of capitalist urbanization. On the other side, there is a force that wants to emphasize on the uniformity and efficiency of architecture which is willing to build a utopian world. Responding to the architectural modernism during the time before World War I, there are three examples which could illustrate these controversial ideas well.
In the lower Manhattan of New York City, there
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In this sense, Confronting the expansive quantities of administrative officers, Frank Lloyd Wright brought up a new way to build an office building, and here comes the Larking Administration building. This architecture was built in Buffalo, New York around 1902 to 1906. It is unique that this is one of the earliest examples of consolidation business need and the shared feeling of hard-working American attitude. From the exterior, Lloyd used the red brick to construct the building. Unlike the 40-story Equitable building, Larking Building only has levels. When getting into the architecture, the first floor has an open floor plan and function as a collective workspace, which, has the direct-lit of natural light above. This building was designed to create a light well at the top; this is a place where natural light could penetrate the structure. It has a massive open space that helps with the connection between individuals and the…show more content…
In other words, the change of the architecture would lead to the shift in the culture as well as the social environment, and glass is one of the most significant elements towards the cultural revolution in this sense. Then, there is a building called Fagus Factory designed by Walter Gropius in line with the idea that extracted from the quote. This industrial building was constructed by glass and brick. In Gropius mind, he thinks the there is a lack of the authenticity in terms of the outside of the building. Therefore, he discovered a way to use the design of exterior to show the actual construction of the building, and then, he used glass as the primary material for the surface.
Referencing back to the quote about the relationship between culture and architecture, Gropius believes that it is possible to use architecture to change the societal and cultural dynamics. He has asserted that regarding the social aspects that related to the architectural design, it means that workers would get higher satisfaction and work more efficiently as the working environment enhanced, for instance, the introduction of the daylight, high circulation of fresh air. This act as a standard for Gropius to build Fagus
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