The Ideas Of Socrates And Thrasymachus In Plato's Republic

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Socrates allows Thrasymachus to entertain his ideas in a public setting, but questions his position on the fallibility and infallibility of rulers. Thrasymachus is in favor of the strong ruling as opposed to the weak, while Socrates believes that those with the proper knowledge and capabilities should rule over the general population. Through asking the correct questions, Socrates was able to deconstruct the argument that Thrasymachus believed was untouchable. Thrasymachus could have answered Socrates in a more successful way by putting more thought into his answers, and by treating Socrates with more respect. Due to Thrasymachus’ incapability of completing the aforementioned, Socrates has the stronger argument because he demonstrates that those in positions of power are fallible and able to make mistakes that do not benefit the people as a whole.
Throughout the beginning of Plato’s Republic, Socrates allows Thrasymachus to discuss his views and thoroughly explain his position on who should rule. Thrasymachus is of the belief that the strong should rule due to their ability to keep the weaker populace in check. “ Listen, then, I say justice is nothing other than what is advantageous or the stronger.” (Plato pg 15 c) Those who are in power in Thrasymachus’ society make the laws and the weaker party is supposed to follow the aforementioned laws without question. The members that make up the so called ‘weaker party’ are expected to act as subjects and have the belief that
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