The Ideas Of The Progressive Era

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The Progressive era was a very important time period that changed how people perceive the world. The Progressive era was the age that made different views acceptable and actually encouraged. People with influence started to support minorities and views that have had little to none support. During this time progressivism exploded, and the world was changing. Progressive ideas, or new/futuristic ideas that people had were accepted. People started to voice their opinions, and this period of time was when people actually started to listen. Progressive ideas all started in the Progressive era. The Progressive era was really Progressive because it focused on issues of women’s suffrage, African Americans, and Immigration. During the Progressive Era people focused on women suffrage. To add, President Taft was the person during the Progressive Era who focused on the issue of women suffrage the most. For example, His revolutionary beliefs and actions made him the first president to agree to address the National American Woman’s Suffrage Association Convention. Taft’s efforts led to equal rights for women, a vital…show more content…
Theodore Roosevelt supported African Americans, and actually took a big step toward helping making them equal. Theodore Roosevelt invited Booker T. Washington to the White House. This has never been done before, and shows how progressive Roosevet’ s ideas were. It says in an article about their dinner, “He had an evening meeting with Booker T. Washington to get his advice on some [cabinet] appointments” (Quealy 1). This showed that times were changing because African Americans were slaves not too long ago, and now Roosevelt was trying to show people that they are equals by inviting, and trusting an African American to help with advice about cabinet appointments. Showing people that African Americans are intelligent people was a progressive idea, which showed how advanced the Progressive Era
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