The Identity Of The French Language In Morocco

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In 1912 Morocco was occupied by the French and then declared French as the official language of Morocco, Ennaji (2005) states, that after making French as the official language of Morocco they brought their administrators and trained Moroccan nationals to take low level jobs.
Along with Arabic, French has long been one of Morocco 's languages. It is the language of culture; it is the flipside of our identity of our double identity, if you will, which is the result of a long coexistence and exchanges between generations.Even though Morocco has been independent from French colonialism since 1956, the French language has never left our history and even less our memory. And today, while some are trying to bury the French language into a deep grave, there seems to be a revival of interest for the language. The demand for French lessons is growing, according to Mohamed Malki. A former teacher of French and French literature for many years, Malki was later named inspector general of French at the Moroccan education ministry. “We are in a context of globalization, internationalized economy, closer relations with the EU, the development of off-shoring... and for Morocco, French is the historic bridge to Europe.” This argument makes sense, It follows King Hassan II’s creed to open Morocco to the world.The French Institute of Morocco (IFM) has regional offices across the country. Their classes are fully booked, and they never lack students. “Young Moroccans are more and more eager to

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