The Ideology Of Competition

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1. What is the “ideology of competition”? Where does it come from? Describe some of the ways in which you compete in your daily life. (200 words)
Since the early childhood till the death, human beings are facing and dealing with competition. Worldwide people contest for all kinds of things including job, money, space, social position, fame, and even other people. However, competition is an entrenched and deeply strong part of a human’s life.
Global society accepts and maintains the significance of competition in some life sectors. Different cultures are relying on competition at different levels in terms of designing and organizing their economic system, education or leisure (Kohn, 1986). On the one hand, there are societies generally operating with no competition. On the other hand, there is the United States of America that represents a perfect example of competitive activities. The American economic system is based on competition and, in fact, education instructs young people not only to overcome others, but also to consider them as barriers to own triumph (Kohn, 1986). Moreover, the US recreation consists of games in which a team or an individual should beat another one. Even within a family you should get an unspoken approval that converts love into a prize. It is clear that competitiveness is seen in an everyday life. As for me, it is very appealing to be the best in something whether it is academic achievements or sports; although sometimes people behave
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