The Ideology Of Liberalism

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This assignment will basically covers the history of liberalism, the core assumptions of liberalism and how liberalism is being practiced in today’s world. Generally, liberalism is a 19th century political ideology that gives wide explanations about liberties of individual including freedom of expression, religion education and much more for widespread popular participation in the political process. The idea of liberalism has gone through massive developments in political history.
In the 20th century in United States, the term liberalism has been interpreted as a similar views as in the 19th century that is the views on civil liberties and personal freedom. However, liberalism nowadays supporting a much stronger role for government in regulating and manipulating the private economy and protecting the welfare of the society. Government focus on giving support to economically and socially disadvantaged.
Ideology of liberalism focusing on three different cores which are the moral core, the political core and the economic core. However, moral core is most significant in liberalism because moral core lies within individual and guide individual’s action. The moral core involves an affirmation of basic values and rights that can be attribute to the nature of a human being that are freedom, dignity, and life. Therefore, in liberalism, it can be seen that in whatever decision to be made, the moral core will prevail.


The idea of
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