The Idiot King: A Short Story: The Idiot King

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Once upon a time, on a generic swords and magic fantasy world named Klishay, there was a kingdom that faced a great danger. That danger? Their king was an idiot. The Idiot King (whose birth name has been lost to history) impulsively invaded the neighboring demon kingdom... and promptly lost half his army. Fortunately, the Demon King was unwilling to turn his kingdom into a police state by conquering hostile lands, and so he returned his attention to his extensive infrastructure projects and his reform of his kingdom’s justice system. However, the Idiot King was greatly traumatized. Convinced that no mortal could prevail against the enemy that had defeated his “invincible” legions and seen through his “brilliant” battle plans, the King…show more content…
Sadly, being a benevolent goddess (it said so right in her name after all) her powers could only grant non-violent miracles that those affected wished for. Thus, she was unable to send lightning to strike the king, or a plague of rats to eat him alive in his own bed, or a horrific disease to cause a certain member to fall off, or... it was a long list. She had been working on it for six years after all. After wracking her divine brain for any wish that might shut the Idiot King up while in no way rewarding him, she had an idea that would make one doubt the “benevolent” part of her name. Visiting a world where humans were so weak the couldn’t use (or even perceive) mana, she sought out a peaceful and isolated nation, where she found a young man with no athletic ability or employable skills whatsoever, who wished to “be sent to another world.” She granted that wish, judging him to be the perfect “savior” to face the “threat” of the Demon King. Tragically, the Benevolent(?) Goddess had made two grave…show more content…
At the feast celebrating the kingdom’s “salvation” (such an extravagant affair it bankrupted the kingdom for the 5th time) the Idiot King betrothed his only daughter to the Hero (ignoring the princess’s loud objections) crushing his citizens long cherished dreams of rebellion, as they didn’t dare attack the King’s castle with such a monster in residence. Thus the kingdom had to endure another twenty-odd years of the Idiot King’s rule, followed by forty-odd years of the “Hero King’s” rule. After the Hero King finally died of old age, the kingdom dissolved into hundreds of independent villages, the cities and towns having long since become un-liveable from decades of catastrophic

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